Discordant Notes Carried on the Night Breeze It begins simply enough: a far off sound. Music carried by the wind. You catch a note here, rea [...]

Pre-Order “Teddy Roosevelt and the Lost World” on Inkshares

Thanks to the response I’ve been receiving on Inkshares, I decided to post “Teddy Roosevelt and the Lost World” for pre-se [...]

Get A Free Story when You Subscribe to My Email List

So, I’m starting to get serious. I’ve decided to offer “Colcannon”, previously posted as a short post, as a free sto [...]

Review: Vacancy By Bryan Coburn

I really, really wanted to enjoy this book. And I did, finishing it in record time, because for all its flaws ( Are there are a bunch), Brya [...]

Halloween Flash Fiction: Colcannon

A short piece of flash fiction submitted for the Halloween Contest on the Horror! Group on Scribophile. The prompt had to be based on the Wi [...]

Who you Gonna Call? Nobody. You’ve Got This! Amazon’s Ghost Hunting Kit

OK. So you’ve always felt a connection to the other side. Felt closer to the veil than most other people you know. You’ve experi [...]

Nightmare Variations: Edward Gorey Type Poems

Charles McCoy Young Charles McCoy Was a very rude Boy He bullied the class And farted at Mass But when he stole Shep’s Toy He lost a chunk [...]

Nightmare Variations: The Cannibal Chantey

The Cannibal Chantey Split the skin boys Spit the nuts, Filet his loins And spill his guts. Lambs are cute And sheep’s for screwing, Turni [...]

Pulled the Trigger

I’ve been working hard on my daily writing practice, drafting “The Bismark”  on Wattpad and Writeon, and working on vario [...]
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